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The Sketchbook - CD


The Sketchbook - CD


Thank you for your support! I believe one of the most important aspects of art is the act of creating art.  More often than not, the audience views, observes, or listens to the finished products. The idea behind this mixtape is to provide the audience with sketches of original songs I am currently working on.  I am a big fan of jazz, and so many of these songs have aspects of improvisation. You are receiving versions of these songs that will never be performed the same again. Jazz is like life, always changing, never the same. 

I will soon be releasing music on Spotify, iTunes, and all the major platforms! Please keep eyes out over the coming months!

Produced, Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Robin Lane at Cosmic Chicken Studios

Cellist: Robin Lane

Album Art by Sam Fink - Instagram: @samfink

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