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Body Bliss: Total Body Tune Up® with Melanie Burns and Murielle Corwin with live Cello with Robin Lane

  • East End Community Center, 195 North Street, Portland, ME 04101 (map)

Yoga Tune Up®, developed and created by internationally renowned Yoga instructor, Jill Miller, is a 'whole body' regenerative fitness system integrating elements of Yoga and body therapy. Using breath and somatic awareness inspired by Ida Rolf's recipe of working down the back and up the front, we will down regulate the nervous system to promote better breathing and awareness of body blind spots. This work will includes the use of massage balls, which is like receiving a deep tissue massage. This is an easy approach to roll out the tension and help identify where things are stagnating in different areas of the body. 

This workshop will delve deep into specific body areas including neck and shoulders, back, feet, and hips. Yoga Tune Up® is designed to create flexibility, relieve muscle tension, and build strength from the inside out. The poses, routines and structure of this format are deeply rooted in discovering the biomechanics and physiology of each individual, helping to create lasting structural change. No matter which level or what physical discipline you teach or practice, Yoga Tune Up® can create radical change in your body. You will leave with a deeper connection to your body and with a practice that works for you! You will be serenaded by the deeply resonant and healing power of live cello with Robin Lane.